Cricket Secret Review

If you are a cricket buff, then you surely are trying to be good in this sport. You may not know it but you dream to stand side by side your idol player, coach or even the cheering squad. In that connection, you may actually be in one of the classes that teaches crash courses in cricket or even surfing the internet for every trick and tip that experts have for all cricket fans across the world. Cricket Secret is good news to you then. It is a complete compilation of the best reveals on techniques and tactics to use in exploring and improving cricket performances. As a cricket fan and player, you should have this ebook for your own success.

What to expect from Cricket Secrets ebook

This ebook is a brainchild by cricket fan, player and coach Ian Canaway, which makes it an authority read for those who are equally passionate about cricket. Aside from it is very easy to access as it is downloadable, below are other features and advantages of owning it:

  1. Exercising tips and tricks
  • 19 essential warm ups
  • Cooling down techniques to eliminate injuries
  • Training program
  • Self confidence boosting techniques
  1. Batting strategies
  • Tips and tricks in photos
  • Record winning batting stance
  • Offence and defense batting techniques
  • Body position techniques when batting
  • Getting in line and in position earlier in the game
  1. Bowling techniques
  • Proper grip on the ball
  • Ball spinning techniques
  • Tips on power front and side-on bowling
  1. Game winning fielding strategies
  • Throwing ball
  • Catching ball
  • Stopping

Drawback of Cricket Secrets

Ian Canaway surely put in a lot of information and powerful tips and tricks in the ebook for those who are looking to better their game and techniques with Cricket. Indeed, with this ebook, it is easy to see how easy it can be for just about anybody to enjoy, learn and improve their game by just following the tactics on the readable download. It is also going to be a very good source of information, details, and visual aids.

Like any other downloadable book though, Cricket Secrets is a self-help tip and trick manual that will best improve the stance and game of results oriented people. It will have to be explored, read, and learned on one’s own. There is a big chance that a player or fan feel awkward learning at home and prefer a more proactive course.


The Cricket Secrets is definitely a powerful pack for Cricket fans and players whose passion empowers them to learn new techniques and strategies on their own. Given the prospected drawback, this downloadable is still a great read to be missed. It is highly recommended for all cricket fans and players who wanted to learn how and more about the game. It is also highly important for those who need to level up their knowledge on the game to keep themselves on the loop when the season starts.